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Commercial Cleaning Services in Chicago

Working in a commercial office complex, in a municipal building, in a bank, in a hospital or owning a small business, commercial cleaning services are needed. The way your office look is defining for who you are or for the way you organize your business.

Having lots of clients every day in your office or just working with your colleagues, either way, is very important for you and your clients health to have a clean office. Spending your time in an area with heavy traffic, like the reception of a hotel, brings you in contact with many people every day.

Imagine what would it be if that area wouldn't be cleaned effectively! Every impression count, this is exactly why you should think about hiring a specialized cleaning company for your office.

A press conference in a dirty place could bring only disaster! Think about the future of your company, choose our services and take care of all these details which could bring you benefits. The way you treat your clients is very important and offering a clean, fresh office or conference room can be your big advantage!

To prove our high quality standards, our team will use for your office or building only professional equipment and products. We wouldn't want to interfere with your business, that's why our dedicated cleaners will come only after program if needed or in weekends, according to your company needs. From cleaning the reception area to disinfecting the toilets, our cleaners will make every place shine.

Our standard commercial cleaning services include:

  • - general office cleaning, dust removal, trash removal and recycling,
  • - heavy traffic areas cleaning, like a building's entrance or front desk;
  • - cleaning and sanitizing the elevator and the stairs;
  • - vacuuming all carpets, cleaning and washing all textures;
  • - cleaning all glass surfaces;
  • - cleaning all appliances;
  • - washing all floors, according to its type;
  • - cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, washing mirrors, toilets, refreshing the area all the time;
  • - cleaning the kitchen area, washing dishes if needed, empty the refrigerator;
  • - refreshing all areas;

According to your company's commercial cleaning needs, we will come up with a proper plan for you. A specialized cleaning company which respects its high standards will knowhow to manage every type of commercial space, either it's about a small office or an entire hotel.

A private medical clinic needs special attention when it comes to cleaning, because germs can be spread everywhere. Due to our high qualified team, your clinic will be germ free and your patients will be satisfied. Contact us or get a free estimate for your commercial cleaning needs.


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