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Our Palatine Cleaning Company has an outstanding record in quality and service. From after party cleaning, to every day tide up, seasonal or holiday cleaning, we can take care of everything for you. Let us at Palatine Cleaning Services be the ones to take care of your entire house cleaning needs. We at Palatine Cleaning Services, make sure that when you come from work or from shopping, you return to a spotless, sparkling home.


It's understandable that nowadays, most of us have a really busy schedule and don't have enough time to spend cleaning the entire house, as often as it needs to be cleaned. Our experienced staff can do that for you, so you won't be forced to reschedule important meetings, or a lunch with friends just to clean your place.


Our cleaning company has highly trained staff that will be there right on time for your scheduled appointment. They will bring along all the supplies and equipment needed for the job to be completed and the cleaning begins immediately so that all tasks requested by our costumers, will be performed in no time and exactly the way our clients requested.


Palatine Cleaning Services is a fully licensed and insured company. (Proof available upon request) We are positive that you will be 100% satisfied with the outcome. Our staff is highly experienced and trained in the use of our proven cleaning system and products and they will comply all your requests in no time. We perform quality work and we make sure to do it quickly enough so you can enjoy your freshly cleaned house and have more time for yourself. Use our cleaning services to perform a top-to-bottom seasonal cleaning or just a partial touch-up. We can work around your schedule and make sure we finish everything by the time you need you place spotless. Not to mention that all our services can fit in your budget.


Our Palatine Cleaning Company will make sure to meet all your needs, offering diverse services: simple one-time cleaning, regular cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, post-construction cleaning, holiday cleaning and even after party cleaning. If you are hosting a big party you will not have to worry about the aftermath, we will take care of it for you. You just have to mention all your worries when you are scheduling your cleaning and we will be sure to address them. From bathrooms to blinds, fireplaces to foyers, let our Palatine Cleaning Services team remind you how beautiful your home can be!


We have nine years of experience and we do know how to get a job done with a 100% guarantee from our clients. Make sure you give us a call today and access our website to benefit from all our discount coupons available online. We also have discounts for all our clients that use our company o0n a regular basic. Every 5th cleaning is on us to show you how much we appreciate all your business. And we don’t stop here. You can benefit from other discount just by referring your friends to us.

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